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Bull BBQ Recipes

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4 Ingredients Full of Flavour! Boneless Leg-O-Lamb with Lemon, Mint and Garlic

Here is a case when less is more… only four ingredients to give you a flavorful and impressive dish for your springtime holiday table. With a little bit of knife-work, it only takes a few minutes to prepare. The key here is the chopping...
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Cocktail Inspirations: Bloody Mary Flank Steak

Cocktails are one of my favorite inspirations for marinades – Margaritas, Pina Coladas, Bloody Marys, etc. – and if you are going to marinade a cut of beef, then flank steak is the perfect cut. The loose grain of flank steak (also...
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Rib Eye 101: How-To Grill a Great Steak

Rib eye is hands-down my favorite steak and a great one for the grill.  The marbling in a rib eye makes it juicy delicious and pretty hard to overcook – at least from a dried out point-of view. Personally, I think it is at it’s...
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Texas Memories: Mesquite Smoked Brisket with Orange Chipotle BBQ Sauce

I cooked this brisket on my Bull Bison Charcoal Grill with lump charcoaland mesquite wood chips for smoke.  However, it’s just as easily prepared on a gas grill with mesquite chips in a foil pouch or a V-shaped...
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Soy & Honey Spatchcock Leg of Lamb

Spatch what? Spatchcocking is a term that originated with a technique used to cook poultry and game over an open flame.  By removing the backbone and keel (breast) bone of a bird, it was easy to flatten out and, by crossing skewers though...
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Port Marinated Strip Steaks with Blue Cheese Butter

For the steaks: 4 New York strip steaks, trimmed 1/2 cup port wine 3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce 1 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 teaspoons chopped fresh thyme leaves 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes...
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Mango Curry Marinated Lamb Chops

Ten minutes is all you need to get these lamb chops marinating and another ten minutes to finish on the grill.  Start them marinating in the morning or the night before grilling.  For an easy side dish, grill some asparagus or zucchini...
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Game Day Tri Tip - Sliced or Sandwiched - So Good!

It’s all about the meat… or a meaty meat sandwich. (Honestly, all I did to the sandwich is mop up the meat juices with the bun.) I cannot think of a better cut of beef that is as easy to cook and more versatile than tri tip....
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