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Bull BBQ Recipes

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Maple Chiptotle Beef Back Ribs (on the Gas Grill)

I know you want your baby backs, but you are going to LOVE these beefy backs! There is nothing better than slow-cooked barbecue ribs… especially tender, juicy beefy back ribs. Before you start in on the BBQ thang, I know and...
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East Meets West Barbecue: Gochugaru Spare Ribs

Every now and again, I like to throw a new ingredient at you. This time it is gochugaru (pronounced: go choo ga roo) or Korean dried chile flakes. The spiciness level of this chile flake rages anywhere from mild to pretty...
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Cocktail Inspirations 2.0: Cuba Libre Glazed Ribs

Cocktails… delicious. Meat glazed with cocktails… more delicious! Like I said in the the first installment of Cocktail Inspirations, cocktails are a great place to get marinade and sauce inspirations. I have to give my...
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Spicy Soy Ribs

I trust you had a fantastic Thanksgiving.  Here is something a little different for between the holidays.  Marinated in soy sauce, warming Chinese 5-spice, and other Asian flavors, these ribs will give you the little kick you need this...
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Lightly Smoked BBQ Ribs

Okay, before you write about BBQ and gas grills, I know.  You know.  I know you know.  Even though you will never get that true BBQ smoke flavor from your gas grill, you can add a nice light smokiness to enhance the flavor of your...
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Tasty Pork Ribs

Spare ribs or baby backs… just rub generously with BULL BBQ Rub and then grill ’em low and slow for amazing delicious, tender, juicy ribs.
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