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Flat Bread S'Mores ... Oh Yeah!

There is not a lot that needs to be said here, except… Flat breads slathered with marshmallow cream and broken pieces of chocolate bars – I used Hershey Bars to keep it old-school :-) Grilled to toasty-melty perfection...
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Grilled Love: Cocoa Balsamic Sauce does Double-Duty

K.I.S.S.  No, not the smoochy kind… more along the lines of keeping it simple.  That is exactly what this Cocoa Balsamic Sauce will do for you this Valentine’s Day – first served with an elegant main course...
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Grilled Nectarine Shortcut Cake

For me, one of the best desserts that truly takes advantage of summer fruits is shortcake. Cut up fresh fruit tossed with a little sugar and allowed to sit and make it’s own sweet syrup then piled on a sweet biscuit or dense cake...
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Bourbon and Brown Butter Peach Cobbler

Nothing signals summer like peaches at the fruit stand. I spent a number of years in Texas and have a lot of friends from the south. Yet when asked for the preferred preparation for a peach cobbler – batter, biscuit, or buttery pie dough...
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Bourbon Root Beer Floats

Growing up we would head to the A&W Drive-in for burgers and a root beer floats. My sister would drink all the root beer right away and then eat the ice cream for dessert. Not me. I always held off drinking my float until I was finished...
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Pecan Chocolate Bars - Holiday Treats from the Grill!

I have made a lot of versions of pecan pies and bars over the years and this one truly combines the best of all! These start with a crumbly buttery cookie base made with brown sugar and ground pecans. The topping is jam-packed with layers of...
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Keep that Holiday Fruitcake and Grill It!

It arrives in the mail every year from Great Aunt Millie in Texas and every year you keep it until the guilt passes before throwing it away.  Well, don’t be so hasty and try brushing slices with butter and brandy then grilling and...
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Red Wine Poached Pear Gallette

Spiced red wine poached pears really set off this free-form tart.  A layer of dark chocolate between the pears and crust keeps is from getting soggy!  Red wine, pears, chocolate and pastry… OH MY!
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